Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Our weekly mowing service includes:

  • Mowing

  • Line Trimming (weedeating)

  • Blowing

  • Bi-weekly Edging

We also have other services available for an additional cost. Please click on our "Services" tab to learn more about each one.

How much does a weekly mowing service cost?

Our weekly lawn mowing service pricing is based on the estimated time that it will take to complete your lawn. Things that affect this includes property size, layout, current lawn condition and more. You can contact us to come out to your property and we will provide you with a free quote for your specific lawn.

How often and on what day will my lawn be cut?

We encourage our customers to sign up for weekly mowing services. We do offer some bi-weekly services, but for the best and healthiest lawn, we recommend weekly.

Our customers are assigned a service day of the week based on the location of your property. Please have any locked gates open/unlocked, pet waste cleaned up and toys removed from the yard before your day of service. Also if there are special instructions for the week, please communicate that before your scheduled service day. Typically we will not be back in your area until the same day the following week.

Our mowing schedule consists of weekly mowing visits from April - October. We do offer bi-weekly mowing in March and November if needed based on weather and temperatures.

What if it rains?

Sometimes inclement weather causes an interruption in our normal scheduling. We always keep a check on the weather forecast and depending on the weather, we may come for your service a couple of days early or a couple of days later than normal. We will contact you when this happens to work out a plan that works for everyone.

Do I have to be home while my lawn is being serviced?

We know you are busy and our goal is to help you simplify your life. We do not expect you to be home every week while we are servicing your lawn. If we should run into any problems while there, we will contact you and/or leave a note about it. We will have worked together to come up with how payments will be made already and how to work around any obstacles such as gates with locks, etc.

Can I skip weeks that I don't need my lawn mowed?

Being on our mowing route means we assume we will be servicing your lawn each week. If cancelling your service becomes a recurring issue, we may need to switch you to bi-weekly services.

Do you bag the clippings?

We do offer lawn bagging as an optional add-on service. Our normal basic weekly mowing service does not include bagging. If you would like us to bag, please let us know so we can give you the appropriate pricing.

What if my mowing day falls on a holiday?

If your normal mowing day should happen to fall on a holiday, we will work with you to reschedule your lawn care service for that week. Sometimes we will be able to shift our schedule to service your property before the holiday. We will work with you on these instances.

What if I have dogs?

We love pets! We do ask that you clean up any toys in the lawn and any dog messes before your mowing service day. We will close gates before leaving. If we find that pet messes are left and it becomes a recurring issue, there will be a pet clean-up fee of $10 added to your invoice per instance.

How do I pay for my lawn service?

We offer a few different ways to pay for your weekly lawn care service. You can choose which method is most convenient for you:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit Cards

Payment is expected and due at the time of service. If you will not be at home, we will make arrangements for payments with you.

If using a credit card, you will be sent an invoice with a link for payment and you can enter your credit card information securely and privately to pay your bill. You can also opt to keep a card on file and we can charge it automatically when a service is completed.

If you choose to pay by check and your check is bad, we will charge a $20 fee. We will not be able to come to service your lawn again until your account is brought up/current. If this happens several times, checks will no longer be accepted from you and we will ask that cash only be used.

Do you have a referral program?

We do! We appreciate any referrals we get from our current customers. Our referral promotions change throughout the year so always keep a check on our Facebook page to learn about the current promotion.