Your lawn needs regular attention to keep it looking good and to keep it healthy. Our weekly lawn mowing package includes all of the following:

Mowing -

We use professional, maintained, commercial-grade equipment to mow our customer's lawns. We take pride in keeping our blades sharp and keeping our equipment in good working order so that we can provide the best quality and consistent cut week after week.

Line Trimming (Weedeating) -

Without regular line trimming, a yard will look unkempt with overgrown grass along fences or against the house. Another concern is that tall grass provides a great opportunity for pests. We trim around flowerbeds, mailboxes, fences, trees, the house and any other obstacles in your yard. Line trimming adds a nice finished look to your lawn and defines the landscape.

Edging -

To truly make your yard look amazing, special attention needs to be paid to the edges along curbs, sidewalks, driveways, patios and any other hard surfaces. Bi-weekly edging is included in our mowing service.

Blowing -

We take the time to blow all the grass clippings from hard surfaces back into the lawn. Leaving you with porches, sidewalks, and driveways free of debris, and an amazing looking lawn.

Additional Services -

These are other services we offer throughout the year for an additional cost. These are important opportunities for you to keep your lawn safe, clean, and ready to be enjoyed by your family and your neighbors.

Spring & Fall Clean-Ups -

Spring cleaning is a common task for homeowners but also a dreaded one. We offer convenient spring and fall clean up services that will make the outside of your home look amazing. This includes weed removals, line trimming of beds, fence lines, and foundations, edging along concrete and paver areas, leaf removal and more. It's a great way to make sure your lawn is "ready to go" for the mowing season, or a great way to end the season with final clean-ups.

Leaf Removal -

We will use leaf blowers to get all the leaves off the porch and out of the flower beds then start the process of making all those leaves disappear from the lawn. It's important to remember that leaves block sunlight needed to keep the lawn alive, they prevent the evaporation of moisture under the leaves which can cause disease in your lawn and leaves are a great place for bugs and rodents to live if not cleaned up. Setting up a leaf removal service will help your lawn stay healthy and keep it looking great!

Lawn Aeration -

Having your lawn aerated annually is essential for the overall health of your turf grass. Core aeration is the mechanical removal of small plugs of grass, thatch, and soil throughout your yard. The main benefit of aerating your lawn is increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the roots of the grass which stimulates new growth and a healthier lawn. Benefits of having your lawn aerated is that it provides oxygen to the roots, increases the water and fertilizer uptake by the grass and reduces thatch.